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Welcome to Orton - Gillingham B'Ivrit

An Innovative Solution
 for Teaching Hebrew Decoding

Imagine the challenges a child with dyslexia faces as he or she learn to read. Then imagine how that same child feels when he or she begins trying to read Hebrew.
As a veteran Hebrew Language teacher and reading specialist, and as a mother of child with language disabilities, I understand this challenge better than most. Over the last 20 years, I have conducted extensive research on teaching Hebrew decoding skills to children with dyslexia and other language and reading disabilities to develop a revolutionary Hebrew reading/decoding program.

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What is Orton-Gillingham for Hebrew?

Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory, phonetic approach to Hebrew decoding skills. The program was developed with partnership with a fellowship of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Education that has used the expertise to train and coach the program over the years. This is an innovative and, in a way, revolutionary methodology that was developed after an extensive research on teaching Hebrew decoding skills to children with dyslexia and other language and reading disabilities. 

It is very important to emphasize that OG is an approach that can be used with any program or curriculum, at any grade level and educational setting.  It is a method of teaching and a variety of tools for teachers to use in a structured, systematic manner. It was developed to teach dyslexic children but can and should be used for core, general education. It is direct, structured, and diagnostic, meaning, designed to address each individual student needs.

Overview of the training course.

Since the piloting of this program in 2016, many schools have seen much success with using it in different educational settings. I have been  sharing my techniques with teachers throughout the country, and  recently successfully presented this program at MATAN, a national organization that educates Jewish leaders, teachers and communities to create learning environments supportive of children with special learning needs.
The length of the training course is 6-7 hours, that can be divided to 2-days (theory and practice) with a follow up overview and teacher coaching.

The course is designed to explore the essentials of the OG methodology, analyzing why some English speaking learners struggle with learning Hebrew decoding skills, examines the role of sound-symbol relationship and the role of phonemic awareness. It provides the participants with clear understanding of how learning brain works in terms of acquiring the language and provides step-by step instructions from the very beginning of instructions to an advance reading level.

The training provides all necessary teaching tools, such as lesson planning template, reading and assessment materials, letter, vowel, syllable cards in digital and hard copies and multi-sensory materials.

Get in Touch

Zoom group and individual trainings are available.

Please contact me today and see what I can do for you.

                              phone: 929 274-4827


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